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Launch Dunedin and Brighton T Shirt designs

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Our exciting launch of Dunedin and Brighton T Shirt designs at Starfish Photos | Design this week. 

The move to introduce the T Shirts came about from my great idea of wanting "to learn something new" this winter and screen printing seemed like an interesting option.  The ability to be creative and transfer some of my designs on to T shirts and cushions was an exciting prospect.  Printing my first run of T Shirts for the Brighton Beach Cafe to coincide with the Ed Sheeran concert weekend was a good motivator.  


With there being only one Planet A and no planet B, I was keen to move my business practices as much as possible towards being ethically and environmentally conscious.   After working with the Kaikoura Ocean Research Institute and producing artwork for them using recycled non bleached papers I thought I needed to be more proactive and do the same.  And this was the same for any T Shirts that I sold.  After much research I settled on a cool NZ supplier Clarke Design in Wellington.  The T-shirts they source are produced from an ethically and socially conscious branding meaning no child labour and safe work conditions.   The inks are the same - non toxic do not contain ozone depleting chemicals or volatile solvents.  No PVC or phthalate plasticiser which is common in other screen pringing inks.  These are environmental friendly water based and safe enough to use on baby clothes.


The T shirts come in a range of styles, colours and designs for both men and women including both Dunedin local and Brighton local.  

Perfect christmas gift or for sending family overseas.

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